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The easy way to test & treat your UTI today!

Minuteful UTI makes it easier than ever to test for UTIs at home and get immediate treatment. 
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Save a trip to the GP with a simple at-home test

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Get your kit

No more waiting for a GP. Head to the nearest Boots pharmacy and get a kit.

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Self-test at home

Test yourself at home using your smartphone and get instant results.

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Get quick treatment

Receive an assessment from your Boots pharmacist and collect prescription medication, if needed.

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*Prices are at the discretion of the pharmacy

Inside Minuteful UTI

Inside Minuteful UTI you'll find a single wrapped dipstick, a urine collection cup,a colour-board and a user-manual.

Download the Minuteful UTI app and meet Emily

Minuteful UTI's virtual nurse Emily will guide you through the test and make sure you get accurate results quickly and easily.

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It was less than 12 hours from the onset of my symptoms to the time I was headed to the nearest pharmacy to pick up my prescription.

Daniele, London

App reviews

"Great app, so easy to use. So much easier than having to get a doctor's appointment for a UTI. Really recommend!"


"Very impressed with this kit, instructions superb, you can't go wrong. Got kit, did test, had medication all within 40 mins."


"Really easy to use and was actually quite comforting, I felt relaxed while taking the test!"


"I couldn’t get a GP appointment and I was in a fair amount of pain. Spotted this kit on the shelf in Boots. The app and kit worked very well."


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Minuteful UTI is brought to you by is the global leader in turning the smartphone camera into a clinical-grade medical device, shifting testing from the clinic to the home with no quality compromise, to deliver healthcare at the speed of life.